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Elite MD offers specialized dermatology services specifically for ethnic skin, understanding the unique characteristics and concerns that come with diverse skin types. Our team, including board-certified dermatologist Dr. Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, has a special interest in addressing the specific needs of ethnic skin, ranging from hyperpigmentation and keloid scars to unique sensitivities and reactions. We provide a comprehensive approach, combining state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of skin care. Whether it's crafting a personalized skin care regimen or performing advanced treatments, our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of your skin while ensuring its health and vitality. You can trust Elite MD in Danville, CA to honor and care for your ethnic skin with the utmost expertise and sensitivity.

When seeking dermatology for skin of color at Elite MD, you can expect a comprehensive and culturally sensitive approach tailored to your skin's unique needs. Dr. Badreshia-Bansal is adept at diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin conditions more prevalent or presenting differently in ethnic populations, such as melasma, vitiligo, keloids, and variations in pigmentation. At practices like Elite MD, the focus is on addressing specific skin issues and maintaining the overall health and integrity of ethnic skin. Treatments are carefully chosen and often combined with education on proper skin care routines to enhance and protect the skin's natural beauty. With a deep understanding of the nuances of ethnic skin, our team ensures that treatments are safe, effective, and aligned with each individual's skin type and concerns, providing a personalized experience that promotes skin health and confidence.

Dermatology for ethnic skin at Elite MD goes beyond basic skin care, offering personalized treatments that understand and respect the unique characteristics of diverse skin types. It provides a nuanced approach that addresses specific concerns while maintaining the natural beauty and health of the skin. Benefits of dermatology for ethnic skin include:

  • Targeted treatments: Addresses conditions more prevalent in or unique to ethnic skin, such as hyperpigmentation, keloids, and vitiligo
  • Customized care: Personalized skin care regimens that cater to the specific needs and sensitivities of ethnic skin
  • Preventive measures: Proactive solutions to prevent common issues, like scarring and uneven skin tone, before they start
  • Expert knowledge: Access to specialists with a deep understanding of the structural and functional differences of ethnic skin
  • Culturally sensitive: Care that respects and integrates cultural practices and preferences into the treatment plan

I actually came to Elite MD because, I have a ethnic skin and acne scars. I always felt insecure about my skin because of my breakouts when i was younger. Since i started coming here i have noticed a difference in my skin and texture. I feel so comfortable wearing my hair up now and wear little to no make up. Skin is so much smoother and softer. I had 4 Ematrix lazer treatments, facials and use the day & nighttime products. I love the products so much. The staff here are always so kind and welcoming. The facility is also very clean. Coming here was the best decision ever. Thank you for all you do.

V.J. Google

Elite MD takes a holistic approach to beauty by educating on health from the inside out. The doctors and staff represent the diversity of the area and understand ethnic skin and the range of body types and ideals. Founder Dr. Bansal and Dr. Geers are especially skilled and empathetic.

R.J. Google

Amazing Results with an Excellent Staff! - I’m a 42 year old Asian male that really struggled with unhealthy habits during the pandemic. I was looking for a reset and needed to get back in shape and lose around 10-15 pounds. I had a previous consultation for laser lipo at another place prior to coming to Elite MD, and I’m so glad I decided to come here instead! From the initial consult to the post op treatments, everyone has been amazing. The deciding factor for me was after meeting Dr. Bansal for the first time, he really put me at ease and explained things about the procedure that I didn’t even think of, for example, he specializes in ethnic skin and that was not even something I considered. I was presented with multiple options for treatment and did not feel pressured to pick one over the other, it was left entirely up to me and what I wanted to achieve, which I really appreciated. Both procedures were thoroughly explained, and I ended up choosing vaser lipo for my upper and lower abs, and flanks. I am 7 weeks post op, and have lost 13 pounds as of today, no more love handles and my stomach has never been flatter. This result couldn’t have been achieved without Elite MD, the guidance they provided was top notch, they were thorough, knowledgeable, and care about my results as much I do. This is my first cosmetic procedure, and if I do decide on another one down the road, Elite MD would definitely be my first and last stop.

N. RealSelf

Skincare Trial Day 1 - Day 1 of Dr Sonia’s new product line to help treat melasma on ethnic skin types. I have struggled with this for about 15 years, have treated with ok results but am excited to take it to the next level.

M. RealSelf

Dr. Sonia takes an approach to skin care that is not just an administration of a treatment, but rather an educational experience that provides details in understanding the steps necessary on a journey to clearer skin. I have come to her to correct slight difficulties I have in dealing with my sometimes, challenging ethnic skin. I have been on her topical regiment for a little over a month now, and the results are very noticeable. My breakouts have been extinguished, my hyper-pigmentation reduced, and my ingrown hairs (beard) are a far less often sight. I look forward to the next steps in finishing the journey to achieving my dream skin! The professionalism as well etiquette of Dr. Sonia and her team have made my experience a truly enjoyable journey thus far.

B.S. Yelp


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Elevate your skin care journey with Elite MD's dermatology services for skin of color. Our dermatologists specialize in understanding and addressing the unique needs and challenges of ethnic skin, proudly providing personalized and effective care. Our treatments honor your skin's individuality, from combating hyperpigmentation to nurturing delicate textures. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Visit Elite MD today, and experience dermatology that celebrates and enhances your skin's natural beauty.

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