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Cellulite commonly forms on the thighs, belly, or bottom, causing a lumpy, "cottage cheese" look on the skin. Because cellulite is the result of the accrual of fat beneath the surface of the skin, this issue is often complex to address by yourself. At Elite MD, we provide nonsurgical cellulite reduction sessions with cutting-edge laser technology for a noticeable lessening in the appearance of cellulite. The treatment works by warming and breaking up layers of fatty tissue, helping to produce a more youthful appearance for your skin. Reach out to our Danville, CA practice to schedule a consultation and hear more.

Before your treatment, Dr. Vivek Bansal or another member of his team will use a marker to differentiate the target locations. Following this, local numbing cream will be utilized to desensitize the improved region, after which a very thin laser wand will be introduced into the skin. The heat from the laser dissolves the fat and relaxes the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. The procedure can normally be performed within about 60 minutes. In most cases, individuals should be able to continue their usual activities one day after the treatment.

A customized cellulite reduction procedure using our cutting-edge technology can provide outstanding outcomes with considerable advantages, such as:

  • Smoothing dimpled, bumpy skin
  • Gaining a healthier, more youthful skin appearance
  • Outcomes are long-lasting
  • Boosting the generation of new elastin and collagen
  • Minimal downtime involved
  • Improving skin vibrance, texture, and tone

Going to Elite MD is the best thing to ever happen to me. Dr. Vivek Bansal and Dr. Sonya are truly beautiful people that want the very best for you. A completely holistic approach to bringing your inner and outer beauty into alignment. The whole team Tricia (patient coordinator), Ivy, Marcela, Francisco, Rena are there to support you.I wanted to be sure I did all my research and met with over a dozen of the best doctors in the Bay Area. Elite MD is the only place for me, they want to not only educate you, they help you realize the best version of yourself. They took their time answering all my questions and had as many consults as I wanted to feel comfortable.Today I am the person I always felt on the inside. I am more confident and feel more joy because of the work done with Dr. Sonya, Dr. Vivek, and Dr. Geers. The hydrofacial works wonders on your skin. It provides medical grade microdermabrasion that leaves your skin glowing. Treatments with the Velashape III and Zwave can do wonders to stimulate collagen and shape and tone tough areas. They offer everything you could ever need.

S.R. Yelp

Fat Transfer to Breasts over Existing Implants - I wanted to fill in around my breast implants to give a more natural and soft look. I have wide hips and a narrow waist so I knew more volume would look good with my figure. Dr. Bansal is extremely skilled at fat removal and placement to the breasts. Fat was taken from my arms and the outer thighs. I purposefully gained weight prior to surgery to provide better fat deposits. My arms look great and I have no negative outcomes there. I chose arms because Dr. Bansal explained that the quality of fat was typically high there for retention. I don't store a lot of body fat in my arms so as I get leaner, the muscles become quite pronounced now. I'm not sure if it will look strange at a low body fat percentage. I store a lot of fat in my outer thighs, so taking fat from this area has added a nice shape to my figure. I am prone to cellulite and I have notice a bit of increased cellulite. However, I was warned of this possibility. My breasts have increased about a cup size. They are softer and fuller, but the shape has improved quite a bit. There is a more natural slope and the breasts meet closer in the middle now. The worst side effect that I have gotten are collections of fluid filled cysts. From my research, this happens when breast are dense and there is some excess fluid buildup. They are in the same spot on both breasts which indicates to me that it is pressure related. They are quite uncomfortable but there are treatment options like aspiration. I also got one sebaceous cysts which is from infection under the skin and burst. This has left a red mark and bump that I dislike seeing. In terms of infection, I did find it strange that Dr. Bansal conducted this surgery in the office (not a hospital). This makes the price better, but I did worry a little about infection. I had no necrotic fat tissue which is a relief. I'm unsure if the sebaceous cysts was caused by this. I think it is important to note that I may be genetically prone to cysts. Several of the spots where fat was taken still have some scaring. I am hoping that they will fade. Overall, I am happy with my experience at Elite MD. The staff are very kind, Dr. Bansal went above and beyond in explaining the procedure, and he spent hours with us in post-op and follow-ups in the months following.

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A lot of people are plagued by the persistent "orange peel" appearance of cellulite on the skin. Although there are no real cures for removing cellulite, the state-of-the-art solutions utilized by Elite MD can work to dramatically improve its look. We invite you to get in touch with our Danville, CA location to initiate a consultation and discuss our treatment options for reaching your aesthetic goals.


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